Almuñecar’s covered market demolished and the zone gets desinfected

Demolition was ‘relatively easy’, credit: Almuñecar town hall

A CRANE was brought in to speed up demolition of Almuñecar’s covered market.

The empty 4,000-square metre site is now fenced off and approximately 7,400 cubic metres of resulting rubble, metal and aluminium taken to the municipal dump.

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“Demolition was relatively easy and the only problem was the steel beams on the first basement floor, which was in the worst condition,” Almuñecar’s Municipal Engineer explained.

The demolition was carried out when all non-activities were suspended over Easter but was authorised by the national government’s Sub-delegation to Malaga as the run-down market building was in imminent danger of collapse.

Strict security measures were in force during the demolition.  All zones were disinfected and workmen had their temperature taken twice a day, municipal sources revealed.




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