Alfaz Town Hall doesn’t let its guard down desinfecting the town

Weapon against Covid-19, credit: Alfaz town hall

ALFAZ’S street-cleaning concessionary SAV is out each day, hosing down and disinfecting roads, benches and rubbish containers.

Once the State of Alarm was imposed on March 15 SAV – with daily support from the USAR 13 non-government organisation and input from Proteccion Civil volunteers – has worked on all fronts to clean and disinfect the town to halt the spread of Covid-19 with lorries, as well as operatives on foot in the street.

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“We are convinced this is having an effect and counts for a lot in the overall work to defeat this virus,” said councillor Oscar Perez.

Cleaning schedules were stepped up some time back because they were a key factor in preventing Covid-19, he added.

“The town hall isn’t going to drop its guard in this respect,” Perez declared.






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