Elderly Residents in Gibraltar receive Lockdown Gifts and still no Fatalities on the Rock

A selection of the Easter treats Credit: Gibraltar Government

IN Gibraltar there are four small estates dedicated as old people’s residences and due to a case of coronavirus affecting a worker and with too many relatives visiting, the entire areas were placed under complete lockdown with no visitors allowed.

The local branch of Marks & Spencer Gibraltar decided to cheer up the pensioner’s lives a little by delivering a selection of Easter Eggs and other tasty treats to each building for distribution to all of those living there.

The government has promised to try to relieve the lockdown as soon as possible and has confirmed that there have been 129 cases of Covid-19 detected in Gibraltar with 84 people already recovered and 45 still suffering from the virus but no fatalities although it is understood that a female cross-border worker who was affected has died in La Linea.



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