Australia’s Victoria extends lockdown for four more weeks until May 11

Victoria’s police have done 19,303 checks so far, and have issued about 900 fines, including 92 in the past 24 hours, to people flouting lockdown rules.

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews has extended the state’s lockdown for another four weeks until May 11. It “may well continue beyond that,” he announced this morning.

WITH around a total of 1,268 confirmed cases, there have only been three new cases overnight in the state, and approximately 14 deaths from the disease so far, confirmed Andrews. This shows that the “strategy is fundamentally working,” he said. Around 28 people are currently in hospital, with 16 of those in intensive care in the state.

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“If people need reminding, or any sense that this can get really bad, really quickly, what is happening in New York and other parts of Europe and other parts of the world should give us all a really clear sense that we have to stay the course and we have to keep the settings in place,” stated Andrews.

He said he feared there were many weeks or months to go with quite extraordinary measures. “These things can change very quickly, and I would caution against any complacency or any sense that we will be able to change our policy settings, and wind back some of the restrictions we have put in place, any time soon. This needs to be for the long haul,” he added.

Nevertheless, some people still choose to flout the state’s lockdown rules. Victorian police have done 19,303 checks so far, and have issued about 900 fines including 92 in the past 24 hours, confirmed Andrews.



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