Scottish Man in Inverness Arrested for Spitting at Over-Worked Ambulance Staff during Covid-19 Crisis


A 26-YEAR-OLD Inverness man was arrested by police after allegedly spitting at ambulance workers, and now has a pending appearance at the Inverness Sheriff Court.

The Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) condemned attacks on emergency service staff as “completely unacceptable” and urged people to show more respect for them during the coronavirus pandemic.

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An SAS spokeswoman said: “The safety and welfare of our staff is of paramount importance and attacks against our crews will not be tolerated.

“They deserve more respect for their dedication to patient care, especially now in the most challenging of situations.”

The assault is the latest incident involving emergency service personnel, with the Scottish Police Federation warning there has been “a disturbing trend” of officers being “deliberately coughed on or spat at in an attempt to infect” them with coronavirus.


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