Half cut mum lets 13-year-son do the driving in Spain’s Mallorca

CHARGES: Police detained the woman for a traffic safety violation and for breaking the lockdown CREDIT: Policia Local d’Alcudia

A HALF cut mum who let her 13-year-old son drive her round the streets of Alcudia is under arrest, Spanish press reported.

A Local Police control caught up with the junior motorist and his mother after a number of the town’s residents called on Thursday afternoon to report they’d seen the vehicle passing by with the youngster at the wheel.

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According to Spanish press the woman looked as though she had been drinking, a breathalyser test confirming she had consumed alcohol.

The officers also discovered the car was uninsured and had not passed an MOT.

The police impounded the car and detained the mum for a traffic safety violation for allowing the youngster to do the driving and for breaking the coronavirus crisis lockdown restrictions without just cause.


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