WATCH: Sunbathers and surfer caught out ignoring lockdown in Spain’s Canary Islands

PROHIBITED: The surfer violated lockdown restrictions on movement CREDIT: Guardia Civil Gabinete de Prensa

SUNBATHERS and a surfer who ignored the State of Alarm lockdown restrictions in Spain’s Canary Islands have got caught out.

A Guardia Civil helicopter spied two women sunning themselves in a cove on the Pechiguera coast in Yaiza in Lanzarote today, Friday.


The mother and daughter, German residents in Spain, face sanctions for violating the coronavirus health emergency measures on confinement.

Just a short time later Guardia officers came across another island resident walking her dog on an area of waste ground in Puerto Calero after driving five kilometres from her home in La Asomada, again in violation of the restrictions on movement.

Over the water on Fuerteventura, the Guardia discovered a young man surfing in Pozo Negro.

He and the three women sanctioned in Lanzarote could have to pay fines of between €601 and €30,000.


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