WATCH: Spain’s law enforcement and military demand greater protection from coronavirus contagion

WATCH: Spain’s law enforcement and military demand greater protection from coronavirus contagion

POLICE, Guardia Civil and the military claim their personnel do not have sufficient protection from coronavirus protection, warning the situation “compromises public safety in Spain.”

The CCOO union, SUP police union, AUGC Guardia Civil union and the AUME Spanish military unified association posted a video today Friday in which they argue the government is not doing enough “to protect those, who after the medical collective, are the most exposed to the virus due to their contact with citizens.”


There was also a joint statement from the CCOO, SUP, and AUGC in which they say police and Guardia Civil officers do not have sufficient “quantity or quality” of the necessary personal protection equipment “to safely carry out their missions.”

They demand the government makes a great investment effort in the purchase and distribution of masks, nitrile gloves, goggles, hydro-alcoholic gel and protection screens for units dealing directly with the public.

The unions also argue that officers should be considered a high risk group, and as such should be given priority access to Covid-19 tests in order to “guarantee protection” from infecting other personnel.

In addition, they called for the disinfection of the forces’ stations and vehicles.

The video points out that if law enforcement and military personnel are not properly protected it makes their jobs of protecting the public more difficult.

“We are for protecting citizens, but we need also need your support,” one soldier says.

The unions report that since the start of the coronavirus pandemic more than 14,000 police and Guardia officers and military personnel have been put on sick leave and 33 have died.

Without the necessary protection “we will continue to get infected and we will not be able to guarantee the necessary security during the State of Alarm,” the video ends.


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