Scaremongering fraudsters targeting Spanish businesses in a scam to gain personal details, warns cyber-security body

WARNING: Email scam targeting businesses to get personal details. Photo: Shutterstock

IN the latest case of phishing, fraudulent emails are being sent to companies under the guise they are being investigated to try to gain personal details.

The National Institute of Cyber-Security (Incibe) is warning the public to be aware of a “campaign of malicious emails claiming to be from the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.”

Incibe warns swindlers are posing as the State Agency for Labour and Social Security Inspection (ITSS) informing recipients their company is under investigation “due to its inability to respect the legislation in force.”

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The email claims the Ministry has received a complaint against the company in question regarding possible non-compliance.

It reads: “The main reason in the complaint refers to the inability of your company to adapt and respect the laws in force during this period.”

It refers to jobs incompatible with unemployment benefit, temporary disabilities or retirement issues.

The fraudsters then invite the recipient to click on a link that will supposedly redirect them to a new website where they are then asked to provide company details and steps to follow.

In order to ensure that the person clicks on the address provided, the fraudsters warn the recipient faces sanctions such as suspension of the activity of the company, or possible legal action.

But Incibe stresses this is not official and “is just a strategy to get hold of your personal data.”


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