Off-duty security guards step in to save woman from abusive boyfriend’s violent beating in Spain’s Mallorca

ABUSE: Police detained the 48-year for gender-based violence CREDIT: Shutterstock

OFF-DUTY security guards stepped in to save a woman from a beating at the hands of her boyfriend at the family home in Palma.

The two guards overheard what sounded like a violent argument going on inside a property in the Pere Garau district on Wednesday afternoon. By the time a police control got there the pair had stopped the assault and had the attacker firmly in their grasp.

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According to reports the couple fell out over a family matter and the 48-year-old lashed out and started punching the girlfriend. She tried to lock herself in the bathroom, but the boyfriend got to her first.

Police arrested the man on gender-based violence charges and transferred the victim to a safe house.


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