Emergency aid for worst hit by coronavirus crisis in Spain’s Mallorca

AGREEMENT: The funding is for measures like social care at home and acquiring individual protection equipment CREDIT: Consell de Mallorca Facebook @ConselldeMca

THE Mallorca government is giving Palma City Council €1.6 million for providing urgent aid to vulnerable groups worst hit by the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

The funds are to be allocated to measures like social care at home, reinforcing teleassistance services, the acquisition of individual protection equipment or urgent social income allowances.

The Consell de Mallorca explained that the funding will be channelled through the IMAS Mallorca Social Affairs Institute.


The measure follows a virtual meeting this week between Consell president Catalina Cladera, IMAS president Javier de Juan, Palma Mayor Jose Hila, and Social Well-being councillor Antoni Noguera.


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