Drug Manufacturer is Supplying Possible Coronavirus Cure to Spain and others for Tests

Sanofi Frankfurt Credit: Creative Commons

SANOFI a French pharmaceutical company which manufactures Plaquenil, a drug based on hydroxychloroquine, which is being tested to see whether it can counter the effects of Covid-19 will send a quantity to Spain.

It has doubled its production and will be distributing 100 million doses to 50 different countries and will continue with increased manufacture if clinical studies indicate that it is effective against the virus.

The World Health Organisation has included the anti-malarial drug (which also helps those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis) in its recommended list of priority experimental treatment and it is reported that Spanish laboratories have recently initiated testing.


This is the drug that President Trump has said will cure the world but as yet there is no hard data to confirm that it is the miracle panacea that he has been promoting with the phrase “what do you have to lose?”

With manufacturing facilities all over the world, including the USA and much of Europe, the company is in a position to distribute the drug quickly and efficiently.


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