Coronavirus: Local Council Sparks Outrage and Bans Funerals over Covid-19 Risk

Family who couldn’t pay funeral bill left with ‘body lying on the floor’

City of York Council says there will be no funeral services in the city, just ‘direct cremations.’ “There will be no exceptions to this,” says the council’s website.

A COUNCIL’S decision to stop all funeral services due to coronavirus is ‘a step too far’ and a possible breach of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, an MP has said. City of York Council has told grieving relatives that only ‘direct cremations’ will be taking place, with mourners banned from attending.

Rachael Maskell MP has made it clear she intends to challenge the ruling, she tweeted:

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York Central MP Rachael Maskell said the council has “stepped way beyond” the government’s guidance, which allows funerals to continue with social distancing measures in place. She said she had been contacted by distraught families and had raised her concerns with the council and Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick.

“This is a very difficult time for everyone, but when crowds are still in our supermarkets and working in warehouses across the city, to stop close family members being able to say goodbye to a child, a parent or partner is completely insensitive and deeply damaging,” the Labour MP said.

“Funerals provide an important role in the grieving process, and to be denied such an opportunity will cause lasting pain for families.”






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