What’s the first thing you will do? – Lockdown thoughts on Spain’s Costa Del Sol

Gavin Lambe-Murphy

What’s the first thing you’ll do? It’s a question that arose again, and again lately. While these days of isolation make us question life on many levels. Suddenly, we are forced to re-think what we value, and urged to think of life after the current sadness.

As the days went on, I noticed my life change totally. Used to sleeping early and waking, really early, to run on the beach. Days were busy, filled with engagements. Now, I rise by 10am, go to bed around midnight, to read and stare at my phone, until around 3am. Followed by a day trying to tame my hair. I have no desire to work-out, even though, I know I’m lucky, having a house on the beach, with a pool. I should be making the most of my time. The guilt of this alone consumes me. I look at online fitness videos and resent the trainers. Life sure has changed.

Then again, we are all in the same boat, and again I am lucky, as my family are healthy at the time of writing this. Honestly, the days have blurred into one, and I find myself almost surprised when I realise it’s Friday. As if the weekend is upon us. All I seem to do is watch BBC News on loop, and wonder if another martini, is one too many. Which makes me wonder, why are we watching country, after country, roll out a delayed lock-down? Why not watch Italy, watch Spain, and act immediately? Which in turn, makes me angry.


As much as I love my dog Henry, he has now somehow attached himself to me, with no signs of backing off. We sleep together. He sits on my knee, as I sip my first espresso. I go upstairs, he’s behind me. Of course, he eats most of my meals. Mornings are spent drinking endless coffee, and gardening. Lunch remains, as always – long and fun. Mid-afternoon, I light the fires, close the shutters and somehow it feels like January. All very hum-drum, yet somehow, lovely. It’s as if we’ve been thrust back in time to a simpler life, when spending more time at home was the norm. Yet still, my mind kept questioning what I wanted to do, once I was free to do so, and then it came to me. Now, I can’t be sure if it was the wine or laziness, but I’ve decided that what I want, is more of this quiet life. We race around so much, in the ‘real world’, perhaps it’s time to slow down on many levels. One thing is for sure, I want my fitness back. For my sanity, if nothing else.
Stay safe, until we meet again x


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