WATCH: Nurse Tells BBC Reporter “I’d like to have a mask like yours” at a Frantic New York City Hospital


THE BBC went to a New York Hospital to conduct an interview regarding the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the state. When interviewing a nurse who was having to protect herself with a mere bin bag, she said “I’d like a mask like yours.”

The BBC reports that the hospitals in New York seem frantic and are currently on the edge of collapse despite the US administration saying there is no shortage of protective equipment. The fact that journalists are better equipped to protect themselves from the virus than the nurses and doctors battling on the front line is a very harrowing detail of this pandemic.

New York City has become one of the epicentres of the coronavirus in the United States. New York has become the state with the greatest number of confirmed coronavirus cases and its figures are even greater than those recorded in Italy and Germany. New York now has a total of 151,171 confirmed cases and has unfortunately lost 6,268 people as a result of the virus.



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