Veteran TV host Paul O’Grady says he thinks he has Covid-19 and is fighting it with homemade vinegar concoction

SELF MEDICATING: Paul O'Grady is taking a vinegar mixure. CREDIT: Wikipedia

Veteran TV host Paul O’Grady believes he has coronavirus and is putting his faith in a homeopathic treatment.

THE 64-year-old is mixing up a concoction of cider vinegar, garlic, rosemary, lemongrass, parsley and a bay leaf.

There is no evidence to support the benefits of the treatment in fighting Covid-19, but O’Grady is giving it a go anyway.

The telly and radio favourite is in the ‘at-risk group,’ and last month he was forced to temporarily step back from his show on Radio 2 due to fears of contracting the virus.

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He told BBC London presenter Gaby Roslin, 55, that he’s “alright now” but last week had flu like symptoms but “just got on with it” because he didn’t have a temperature.

“That was when the heating had gone so it was minus two down here and freezing and I thought someone had got it in for me. I’m fine now.”


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