Valencian Community fathers all present and correct again

WHO recommends that fathers are present, credit: Pixabay  

FOUR days after barring fathers from accompanying their partners when giving birth, the Valencia region’s Health department had to backtrack.

The ban was introduced to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection for the mother, baby and her partner as well as hospital staff, a Generalitat spokesman explained at the time.

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Instead, the measure was greeted with indignation by the region’s health professionals, especially the ACCV midwives’ association which complained to Valencia’s Health chief, Ana Barcelo, and the region’s ombudsman.

Four days, later the Health department relented and said that fathers would again be allowed be present during partners’ labour although not caesareans.

“Many women were unaware of the new orders.  They were in shock,” midwife Carolina Sanchez, an ACCV board member, told the Spanish media.

“There was neither head nor tail to the instructions.  They aren’t supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO),  IHAN, an initiative that humanises childbirth and breastfeeding, or medical societies,” she said.

Meanwhile, even before the Generalitat’s Health department rectified, many hospitals had already decided that they would not apply the short-lived instructions.




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