The most beautiful goal in football history

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It’s true, talking about football, one could talk endlessly about tactics, schemes, data, statistics and numbers, but what lovers of are most passionate about is the genius of the champions, the memorable matches which which will stay in history and unforgettable goals, imprinted in memory.

Often people wonder “what is the most beautiful goal in history”: here is a rundown of famous goals that will stay in mind of sportsmen for ever.

Bicycle kick goal, from Ibra to CR7

The bicycle kick goal is one of the most beautiful actions in football. Many great football players have scored in this way, but two goals will remain in history forever.


The first, by Cristiano Ronaldo, against what would become his team a few months later (Juventus) in the Champions League quarter-finals: a perfect athletic gesture, supported by the elegance and strength to which CR7 (details on this website)  has accustomed his fans.

Following this goal, the entire football community publicly complimented the Portuguese on social media, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who then also added “beautiful, but try to do it from 40 meters!”, Referring to his goal against England wearing the Swedish national team jersey: Hart’s reckless exit, Ibra understands in advance where the ball would have been gone, scoring one of the most beautiful and iconic bicycle kick goals ever.

Coast to coast and amazing dribblings

There are players who can solve the game on their own, for example absolute champions such as Weah, Messi and Maradona.

The first one, Ballon d’Or in 1995, amazed the Rossoneri supporters, dribbling the entire Hellas Verona team and scoring one of the most beautiful goals in the Italian Serie A, with a mixture of technique, physical strength and desire to score.

Barcelona’s “Flea” has never been too much trouble facing an entire team: a clear example, the goal against Getafe, dribbling more than half of the opponents. If we talk about Coast to Coast, however, the symbol play can only be that of Maradona at the Mexico ’86 World Cup against England: the Pibe de Oro, starts from its half of the pitch, dribbling 5 opponents at high speed, then the goalkeeper, putting the ball inside the net avoiding the last desperate tackle of an English defender. For many, this is the most beautiful goal in history.

Volley shots

Volley shots goals also ignite the enthusiasm of football lovers, for technique, strength, precision and coordination. Two great Ballon d’Or of the past have scored goals that remain legendary: Marco Van Basten and Zinedine Zidane.

The Dutchman, in the final of the ’88 European Championship against USSR, was able to score one of the most difficult goals ever, hitting a cross from the right-hand side and scoring just under the crossbar, with an almost impossible shooting angle.

Not least, Zizou, has also decided on a final (Champions League 2002 against Bayer Leverkusen), scoring a lefty volley. For sure it is one of the most impressive goals in Champions League’s history and the Galactica supporters will remember this volley for ever.

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