Tesco Boss Blames the Middle Class for Panic Buying During Crisis in UK

CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

Stock-piling middle-class southerners are the biggest panic-buying offenders, claims Tesco.

The supermarket chain has claimed that panic buying and stockpiling has been less of an issue in areas outside the south of England.

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The retail giant’s sales jumped by almost a third, with Londoners hoarding most goods, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.

Chief executive Dave Lewis told the paper the biggest “uplifts” were in the south of England, which informed some of the decisions taken by the firm.

Iceland Foods boss Richard Walker stated last month that ‘not everyone can afford to stockpile.’

Tesco have also been struggling to meet the demand of deliveries to people’s homes, despite increasing delivery spots by a fifth.

Yesterday Waitrose urged customers to do their shopping in stores if they are able to in order to prioritise people who can’t leave home for their online shopping.


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