Spain’s Madrid estimates IFEMA hospital for Covid-19 patients can close end of May

IFEMA to stay open and cater for COVID-19 patients as to make space for de-escalation of hospitals in Madrid CREDIT: Comunidad de Madrid

MADRID’S IFEMA Conference Centre has estimated that its makeshift hospital, capable of housing thousands of Covid-19 patients, can close at the end of May.

The temporary hospital that was created to deal with the large numbers of Covid-19 patients in the capital, is now reported to be discharging more recovered patients, than it is registering.

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The hospital is still treating around 500 patients, however, given the declining number of new patients needing treatment for coronavirus, IFEMA estimates it can close the health facility at the end of May, as the local hospitals should be able to cope with the declining number of patients.

Madrid’s President Isabel Diaz Ayuso said that the materials and equipment used to create the facility will be kept nearby, so that it can be reconstructed within 48-hours should the need for a ‘temporary’ hospital arise again.

The field hospital had the capacity of housing 5,500 beds, including 500 in an intensive care unit.



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