Spain’s Government contemplates postponing April tax returns for SMEs & self-employed amid Covid-19

The Government is contemplating postponing taxes due this month for SMEs and self-employed, with earnings of up to 600,000 euros a year. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Spain’s government is considering postponing tax returns and declarations due in April for small and medium sized companies (SMEs/Pymes) and the self-employed during the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

THE country’s tax office is contemplating deferring taxes due this month for SMEs and the self-employed, with earnings of up to €600,000 a year. This would include some 3.4 million companies, highlights the country’s tax office.

According to the Minister of the Tax Office, María Jesús Montero, the government is working on additional measures to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus on companies. “We are continuing to study whether it’s possible to defer tax payment,” she said. “However, given that companies have until April 15 to fill in their tax returns, the government has very little time to get this initiative passed through parliament.”


The most logical thing would be to postpone tax declaration/payments until the next tax return date, which is July 20, according to business and finance experts.



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