Spain’s DGT assures motorisists ITVs which run out during State of Alarm – and extensions – will be automatically extended

EXTENDED: Motorist assures ITV's will be valid throughout State of Alarm. CREDIT: DGT

SPAIN’S Directory of General Traffic (DGT) has assured motorists that the validity of ITVs which run out during State of Alarm – and any extensions – will be automatically extended up to 30 calendar days after the restrictions are lifted.

DGT has moved to assure motorists after being inundated with queries from concerned car owners, worried about the validity of their insurance policies in light of a lockdown extension.

Likewise, omissions certificates due to run out during the Covid-19 pandemic measures will also be automatically extended.

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And autonomous workers who want to temporarily take their vehicles off the road, can do so through the DGT’s ‘electronic HQ’ by visiting

The DGT also confirmed the impact of lockdown on Spain’s roads, revealing traffic accessing cities has fallen by 77 per cent with cross border traffic down 80.13 per cent.

These figures are updated continually throughout the day, and the above figures were for around 4pm.

Pleased the vast majority of people are adhering to confinement measures, the DGT posted the video below, and said: “We would like to thank citizens for their commitment and responsibility in limiting travel during the pandemic.”

It is worth noting there will be a huge influx of people trying to make an ITV appointment, once restrictions are lifted.
To stay up to date with DGT recommendations, visit:

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