Spain sees Cheeky Costa Blanca Thief Caught Out by Lockdown Check

Thief calmly wheels away his booty in Almoradi.

A 47-YEAR-OLD Spaniard has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Almoradi on robbery charges.

He even brazenly wheeled a pressure cleaner around the town’s streets, which he had stolen minutes earlier.

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The burglaries were uncovered after he broke the State of Alarm confinement rules on five occasions.

Officers suspected that his regular breaking of the isolation law meant that he was committing other crimes.

An investigation then showed that he was behind a set of robberies.

The man was found to have broken into a car and also a house, in addition to stealing from a shop.

The theft from the commercial establishment was in broad daylight as he cut through a security fence and stole a high pressure cleaner.

Astonished Almoradi residents took photos of him casually wheeling the cleaner behind him, and supplied the pictures to the authorities.

The man’s last stop over flouting the State of Alarm saw him behave aggressively towards the Guardia officers that stopped him to ask some questions about why he was out.

He even threatened them with a dangerous dog that he was walking at the time.

He’s been charged with three thefts, as well as assaulting the Guardia officers, and serious disobedience over breaking the State of Alarm orders.


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