National Police officer fired in Ronda for being pregnant and left without pay or medical cover during Covid-19 isolation in Spain

Policia Nacional Ronda Credit: Facebook

National Police officer fired in Ronda for being pregnant and left without pay or medical cover during Covid-19 isolation.

THE National Police unión Jupol recently denounced the General Directorate of Police who have fired a 30-year-old policewoman in Ronda (Malaga) for being pregnant.
According to the Jupol statement, the woman, 13 weeks pregnant, is left “without income and without medical coverage” despite having “more than eight months of practical training and was only two months away from completing them.”
The general secretary of Jupol Málaga, Miguel Ángel Millán, stressed that pregnancy “is not a disease,” assuring that the trainee, 30, “is in perfect health according to medical reports and without missing not a single day.”
Millán recalled that in February a report had been requested from Human Resources of the Superior Police Headquarters of Eastern Andalucia where it is specified “that the measures adopted are the right ones.”
In addition, the student had already finished the most dangerous part of training, that of resident safety, leaving only training in office work.

The Avila Police School foresees two situations that justify losing practice days: 146 days if it is due to an act of service and 73 days due to injury or illness outside of acts of service.
The officer specified she, “planned to continue working until the end of her internship or in the future make use of those 73 days due to a situation of temporary disability due to risk during pregnancy.”
Miguel Ángel Millán has criticised these events and that he be notified of the resolution “just five days away and leaving it without his payroll or healthcare.” In addition, he has argued that the partner of the young woman, also a police officer, was not taken from duty. “This discrimination is humiliating,” he added.
He also stressed that in the State of Alarm “and with everything on hold and unable to leave home, the woman, a native of Almería, will not be able to return to her parents, causing all of this a situation of helplessness” without payroll or medical coverage.
The provincial secretary of Jupol has regretted that the General Directorate of the Police “discriminates on the basis of sex and imposes against their will that they renounce their profession, nullifying the woman’s right to decide.” Millán has hoped that the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, “take note of this and do everything possible so that this companion no longer suffers from such an absurd situation.”


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