NHS OUTRAGE – Three nurses who resorted to wearing bin bags due to lack of protective equipment all ‘test positive for coronavirus’

Three brave NHS nurses who were forced to use bin bags due to lack of the proper garments ALL test positive for the coronavirus

THREE nurses who were forced to wear bin liners due to a lack of protective equipment have all tested positive for coronavirus, it is reported.

The heroic trio were snapped wearing the makeshift hazmat suits made of bright blue bags at Northwick Park Hospital in North West London last month.

The staff there pleaded for more kit to protect themselves from the killer bug as they battled to treat a tsunami of patients.


All three nurses in the photo have all now been confirmed to have COVID-19.

The group all tested positive at a North London testing centre last week, according to an unnamed senior source.

And they are not the only ones to be hit by the devastating diagnosis at the embattled hospital – which was the first to declare a critical incident after a surge of patients. Medics there last month spoke anonymously to plead for masks, gowns and gloves. One nurse said: “We need proper PPE kit now, or nurses and doctors are going to die. It’s as simple as that.

“We’re treating our own colleagues on the ward after they caught the virus from patients. How can that be right?”

Northwick Hospital in North West London declared a ‘critical incident’ after a surge in Covid-19 patients.

The nurse heartbreakingly added: “And the worst part is that we can’t allow their relatives in to say goodbye. “Even our own families don’t want us to come home in case we bring back the disease.”

Fourteen other NHS medics have been claimed by the virus including 44-year veteran NHS nurse Alice Kit Tak Ong, 70, who died this week.





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