Illegal immigrant document scam uncovered on Spain’s Costa Almeria after 58 people give the same address

PROFITABE: The property owner charged immigrants between €150 and €300 for using his address. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

POLICE in El Ejido made three arrests and are investigating tens of others after uncovering a scam to get illegal immigrants necessary documents for residency applications.

Working in collaboration with the Almeria Immigration Office and Adra Council, investigators discovered that the same address featured on no less than 58 applications for residency and works authorisations on the grounds of social ties to the community.

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The property owner is among those detained. Police said he had been charging immigrants between €150 and €300 for using his address.

Both he and the person trying to remain legally in Spain would go to Adra Town Hall to both sign a declaration falsely stating that the immigrant lived in the property and therefore allow them to be added to the municipal ‘padron,’ or register of residents.

The police identified 52 Moroccans and six Senegalese who looked to have gone down this particular illegal route to get registration of residency papers, which were subsequently included among the documentation they presented at the Immigration Office.

Police said the investigation has not yet concluded and they have not ruled out further arrests.


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