ID checks will catch flouters from Madrid on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol in Spain after Exodus


MAKE sure to take ID with you if you go out as any day now you will be greeted by the Local Police who are on the lookout for ‘lockdown flouters’ breaking the rules by traveling out of their region.


Spot fines committing these serious offences is punishable by fines ranging from €600 to €30,000, according to article 36.6 of the decree bought in recently in a bid to cap the spread of the coronavirus. Take a look at the video below, Madrid in lockdown?

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Zveřejnil(a) Pedro Angel Carmona Perez dne Středa 8. dubna 2020

Boredom or an urge just to leave is not the major concern over this sudden regional exodus, but rather the fact that “flouters” could be taking the coronavirus with them to their homes and that is exactly why the police will be there.

A continuous mass exodus of drivers from Madrid to second homes on the coast is one reason for the sudden checks.

Another reason for people wanting to leave Madrid was that as boarding schools were closed students needed to get back home, some 30,000 private students were suddenly frantically trying to arrange transport to be with their families a few weeks ago.

Alicante traffic, Easter last year. Police will be on the lookout this year in the hope of avoiding this, Flouters will be heavily fined!

Up north in Alicante it’s a similar story, as Easter approaches people will want to visit friends and relatives or even leave to go inland maybe to a second home, but beware, the police will be there to check, stay safe and stay at home. You have been warned!






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