Huge Upsurge in Sale of Games Consoles in Spain during Lockdown

Games consoles generating large volumes of sales Credit: Martin Mo

THE Revolut digital bank has released information regarding purchase habits amongst its 500,000 or so Spanish clients since the declaration of the State of Alarm.

Generally with its client base being young urban professionals the results will not be typical of the whole of Spain and some could have been guessed at, but nevertheless are quite interesting.

With no branches and all business conducted through a mobile app, it is very easy for the company to collect and analyse figures quickly.


First and foremost, in accordance with the results found from its UK customer base, one of the largest areas of growth has been with regards to the purchase of video games with growth for PlayStation up 158 per cent in March with Nintendo not far behind at 139 per cent.

The second fact that jumps out is that although the number of transactions in supermarkets has dropped by about 10 per cent, the spend is much higher than usual which means that people are visiting less often and buying more on each occasion which is in keeping with Spanish government recommendations.

Part of this increase however may be due at the beginning because consumers were worried about possible shortages but spend in Dia has almost doubled whilst at Lidl has only increased by around a quarter.

Companies like Amazon who arrange home deliveries of all manner of different products have understandably benefitted as have home entertainment organisations like Apple, Netflix and Spotify although the percentage growth in this sector is in low double figures.

The recommendation not to use cash has caused withdrawals from machines to fall by 83 per cent but the biggest casualties are fast food outlets and retail clothing stores.


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