Young British Couple on Costa del Sol Spain have to be Inventive to keep Children Occupied

Mia proudly shows off Betty Credit: Facebook

A BRITISH couple living in Benahavis with their two lively young children have had to come up with some novel ideas to keep them happy and occupied.

Whilst it would be simple to switch on the TV or let them play with their tablets they decided that really wasn’t good enough so during this time of enforced inactivity they have come up with one idea that others might like to follow.

Trying to instil the children with the concept of recycling whilst also encouraging them to learn, they were set the task of building robots out of material that they could find in the home and the results were quite impressive.


Mia 9, the elder of the two has created Betty, clearly a female robot as can be seen from her bright red lipstick and impressive eyelashes whilst her brother Raphie 5 has made Buddy.

Both of the robots have secret compartments with various tests in English, Maths and Spanish which can be changed around.

To encourage the children, if they get an answer correct there are other compartments containing pens and paper for quick tests and treats such as sweets when they get them right.

Another idea they had was to help the children to keep up with their Spanish and as Mia is a Harry Potter fanatic and Raphie loves Dinosaurs so they have both been presented with their favourite books in Spanish naturally.


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