WhatsApp Group Dedicated to Orchestrating Attacks on Spain’s National Police in Algeciras Has Been Taken Down and Three Arrests Have Been Made So Far

FLOUTER FIGURES: Despite warnings and fatalities, people continue to breach State of Alarm measures (file photo) Credit: National Police

THE WhatsApp chat had over 100 group members and sent messages which read ‘let’s take on the streets.’ One of the detainees called 091 to report a fake robbery in order to throw objects at police officers when they arrived at the scene.

The National Police in Algeciras has arrested three individuals who partook in a WhatsApp group called ‘Not One More Abuse,’ this group contained hundreds of other participants who organised public disorders and tried to contest the authority of officers in the city.

Two of the individuals arrested are the group’s administrators, whilst the third individual is the one who called 091 to report a false robbery and proceed to throw objects at the policemen on their arrival to the scene.

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All three have been brought to justice as the alleged perpetrators of crimes of public disorder, attack on law enforcement officers and overall damages.

In this WhatsApp group members would issue slogans used to attack police ‘in a concerted and deliberate manner’ with over 100 participants, the majority of them located in Algeciras. By using audio messages and text they organised public disorder and they would ask members to ‘dig in’ and attack the police. Other phrases passed on in the chat included ‘we are going to take the streets’ or ‘we are going to start a mutiny.’

The police have reported that members also discussed aspects such as, what time was the best to attack, what material to take, where to attack, and what was the best strategy to adopt.  For example, one idea was for one person to wait with spikes to lay out for the police vehicle and force them to get out of the car. Some even threw about the possibility of acquiring firearms and taking advantage of these circumstances to rob establishments.

The investigation began under the Specialised Violent Crime Unit however it was passed on to the Information Brigade of the National Police in Algeciras.

The police continue their investigation and the involvement of more people in these events, since a 20-year-old man was also previously arrested for throwing objects in El Saladillo to National Police vehicles which caused material damage. In addition, there are more similar cases.



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