Outrage strikes on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca as exodus from Madrid starts despite state of emergency


Outrage pours out tonight on Spain’s Costas as an exodus starts from Madrid as the city’s residents head to the coast and their second homes despite the State of Alarm. 

DESPITE the State of Alarm being in place, an exodus from Madrid saw motorways jammed with traffic as residents from Madrid, the worst affected coronavirus area in Spain, head to the coast and their second homes on the coast for Easter.

Whilst police attempted road blocks anticipating a surge, it didn’t seem to deter as hundreds of cars jammed roads for the journey.

It’s caused an onslaught of calls and messages into the news desk of the Euro Weekly News as readers hit boiling point with outrage at such actions of selfishness as well as breaking the law.


Michael Walsh from Mijas said “All roads are busy tonight, no parking in the town and everyone around here is saying it’s disgusting, they should stay in Madrid.”

Paul Gregory from Torreblanca hit out as he said “This is just madness, I’m sat here watching people from Madrid arrive to their costal homes and I checked road watch on the internet and they are chock-a-block, it’s bloody disgusting, I’m furious, the Euro Weekly News needs to highlight this.”

Gary Adamson emailed to say “have you seen the gridlock coming down from Madrid, there  are photos everywhere on Facebook showing the heavy traffic, it seems the police can’t control it due to the numbers, I guess they can’t be everywhere, this is a severe act of selfishness on the part of everyone travelling.”

Whilst Alan Rose in Orba near Alicante was in disbelief as homes around him filled with people and families, he was seething as he said “What is it with people from Madrid and their attitude, why do they think they are better than everyone else? We don’t understand why they would come during the State of Alarm, but it hasn’t stopped them, no thought at all for others as long as they are alright for Easter, it’s not even as if the weather is going to be any good and of course the beaches are closed.”


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