Medical staff reinforcements on Spain’s Costa Almeria

REMINDER: The Health and Families delegation reminded the public “to make responsible use the health services.” CREDIT: Son Espases - Hospital Universitari Facebook @SonEspases

MORE than 300 additional staff have joined health professionals working in Almeria’s hospitals and health centres to reinforce the provincial efforts in dealing with the coronavirus health crisis.

The Junta de Andalucia’s Heath and Families Territorial Delegation has contracted 319 personnel of different categories, although the majority are nurses.

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The delegation said the move was one of a number of measures being actioned on the organisation and planning of assistance resources in order to “offer the population the best possible assistance and guarantee attention not only to people affected by Covid-19, but all patients.”

The delegation has also expressed its “most sincere gratitude to all the Andalucia health service professionals in Almeria for their dedication and great effort, and for the collaboration of all with the administration in order to respond to demand in regard to the population’s health and to confront the emergency situation our country is going through due to coronavirus.”

There was an important message too for the general public: “to make responsible use of the health services.”

The delegation reminded patients that they can renew their prescriptions without going to their medical centre. Anyone calling to make an appointment is asked why they need a consultation. If it is for a prescription they will be contacted by their doctor within 48 hours, who will put on their health card the prescriptions they need to avoid unnecessary trips to the health centre and available attention for all patients who really need it.

The Junta’s Health department has set up a dedicated free telephone line (900 400 061), specifically for information or queries about coronavirus, which is in addition to the existing 955 545 060 number health response number.


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