Love Thy Neighbour: Gibraltar Gives sanitary material worth £20,000 to Spanish Hospital

Volunteers unloading the equipment in La Linea Credit: Facebook

PARENTS of children attending two schools (Huerta Fava and Menéndez Tolosa) in La Linea de la Concepcion took action when they realised that the almost brand new hospital in the town was short of basic medical supplies.

They approached a pharmacist in La Linea to ask whether his contacts in Gibraltar could be of assistance and like magic, he came to their assistance.

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Sanitary material reported to be worth around £20,000 was donated to the hospital and this included 1,000 face masks, 200 boxes of gloves, 350 protective suits, protective glasses, 10 litres of gel and 80 litres of alcohol.

Whilst Gibraltar is facing its own coronavirus Covid-19 problems, it must be recognised that so far it has reported just 113 cases of which 60 have recovered, and at the time of writing just three are in hospital whilst there have been no fatalities.

The La Linea Hospital however has to deal with more than 100,000 across the Campo de Gibraltar, so its task is far more daunting and although some on the Rock may criticise the donation of this material to a Spanish town, the Gibraltar Health Authority has already received more than £1 million collected raised by residents in Gibraltar.


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