Lockdown rebel arrested after Spanish police find he was delivering 100 kilos of dodgy meat

DODGY MEAT: DRiver arrested after 100 kilos of dangerous meat found in his van. CREDIT: Guardia Civil

A VAN driver clocked making frequent trips during State of Alarm lockdown was stopped by suspicious police in Aragon who found 100 kilos of meat ‘unfit for human consumption’ inside his vehicle.

According to a statement, the meat was prepared in plastic bags ‘scattered around the passenger compartment,’ and the driver had no corresponding health documentation.

While carrying out Covid-19 enforced controls in the town of Teruel, officers noticed one particular vehicle was making ‘several journeys between different locations’ and, wanted to know ‘whether the causes were duly justified.’

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On searching the van, they discovered the bags of chicken and beef, as well as other foodstuffs, the sale of which is prohibited by European legislation.

The ‘delivery driver’ was arrested for transporting meat products without the corresponding food traceability, and for not having the necessary commercial and/or health documentation, constituting a major risk factor for people’s health.

The Guardia Civil immediately seized the meat, with sources adding they were being transported in a vehicle without the minimum refrigeration conditions and without the corresponding health documentation.

Anybody concerned they may have eaten the dodgy meat is asked to contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Guardia Civil Command in Teruel, on 696 907 980.


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