Health and Beauty: Keeping on top of your mental health whilst in isolation

Keep strong mental health. Credit: Polonator

 AS Coronavirus continues to spread a long period of isolation may well be a necessary measure for public health but it could also have a detrimental impact on people’s mental health.

So, what should you do if your mental health is suffering during self-isolation?

One of the main problems is that we start to miss ‘micro-lifts’ that we normally have throughout our day, such as going into your favourite coffee shop or seeing a friend.

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When you’re alone at home that doesn’t happen and the cumulative effect of that is massive. So instead we need to create micro-lifts, something that generates a sense of achievement like a new exercise or learning a language.

You should try to exercise in the home as much as possible. Our physical health and mental health are linked so try to create a routine that includes some physical exercise.

Although in the short term it can feel nice to be lazy, in the long term this isn’t going to be good for your mental well-being.

As far as possible, try to maintain as much of a routine as you can. Wake up and go to bed at healthy times to ensure you get enough sleep. Find some time to still have value to your day, life cannot be just eating and sleeping. Do something fun for yourself.


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