Coronavirus crisis personal protections materials ready for distribution on Spain’s Costa Almeria

CRUCIAL: The Diputacion president said the order was one of the administration’s most important actions since the start of the health emergency. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE Almeria provincial government has received a large consignment of personal protection materials destined for workers on the frontline of the coronavirus battle today Wednesday.

The €200,000 order of 60,000 face masks and 2,000 protective suits was financed by the Diputacion, along with the 45,000 gloves the administration has also acquired.

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Due to arrive later this week are 90,000 more surgical masks.

The materials are being distributed to Diputacion personnel, to bodies dependent on the institution and to the local councils of municipalities of less than 20,000 inhabitants who need them.

Diputacion President Javier A Garcia said the order was one of the most important actions taken by the administration since the Covid-19 State of Alarm came into force.

“We couldn’t wait any longer for the government of Spain to supply us with materials, hence we decided to make this purchase with funds from the municipal coffers,” he maintained.

“This measure aims to protect further our professionals who cannot stay at home and who have to provide basic services and provide a solution to the demands of councils who are in need,” he said, maintaining  that “thanks to the provision of this government team” workers’ hygiene-health needs would be “completely covered.”

The Diputacion president took the opportunity to thank Civil Protection and its network of volunteers for “the great job they are doing in meeting the needs of Almerians.

“As well as caring for our elderly, with the purchase of food and medication, and in distributing the donations of materials which the businesses of the province are making, you are going to take responsibility for the distribution of the material among the local authorities, once again ensuring that they do not want for anything and that Almerians can stay at home,” Garcia told them.

“Together, the Almerians, are going to stop this virus.”


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