British Woman in Leeds Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison for Claiming She Had Coronavirus and Spitting at a Police Officer

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THE Leeds Magistrates Court has sentenced a woman to eight months in prison on Tuesday, who said she was infected with coronavirus and spat at a police officer in her mouth and wished her to die from the disease.

Lianne Mottershead was arrested whilst under the influence of alcohol and other illegal narcotics on April 6 after kicking a police officer in the shin.

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When she was detained and taken to the detention centre in Bradford, Leeds, she spat on another officer.

A statement released by Prosecutor’s Office explained that the saliva had reached the cheek and mouth of the police officer after wishing her death by coronavirus.

According to this 30-year-old woman’s testimony, the UK had recommended that she rest and not leave the house due to the symptoms she reported.

“This behaviour is just as unpleasant as it is dangerous” said Gerry Wareham, the chief prosecutor for the Yorkshire and Humber District Attorney, who expects Mottershead to spend eight months in prison “reflecting on the absolute stupidity of her actions.”

Recent coronavirus figures in the UK have shown over 55,000 positive cases, amongst them the prime minister Boris Johnson, who remains hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit, although his health is stable. So far, the UK has recorded over 6,000 deaths.


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