World Health Day is Dedicated to the Nurses and Midwives who are Helping those in Dire Need

Twins Carla and Noa suffer from Butterfly Skin Credit: DEBRA Piel de Mariposa

EVERY year, April 7 is World Health Day and the WHO (World Health Organisation) recognises areas which need to be praised.

How very apt it is that this is dedicated to Nurses and Midwives who are taking their lives into their own hands as they try to look after the tens of thousands of people who are suffering from the blight of coronavirus Covid-19.

However illness and pain hasn’t stopped because of the pandemic and it simply means that health workers of all types (not overlooking doctors and those who work within the myriad of medical centres around the world) have even more to cope with than ever before.


We all believe that this virus will eventually run its course but the evils of cancer and other well-known diseases will continue to spread their way, causing chaos and fear for individuals, families and whole communities.

Whilst huge amounts of money are expended on trying to find cures for the ‘major’ diseases that inflict large numbers of people, remember that there are also diseases that only hit a tiny percentage of people like Butterfly Skin which for children in Spain is almost unbearable but somehow they keep going and smiling.

Our thoughts this day are on everyone who is suffering either directly or through loss of family members and of course for the dedicated staff who continue to work to try to save lives.


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