(Un) Lucky French Man Wins 17 Million Euros Playing the Lottery but Can’t Leave the House To Claim It


THE consequences arising as a result of the coronavirus are affecting everybody in different ways, even lottery winners. This is the case of a resident in Côtes-d’Armor (France) who has won the largest prize ever dealt within the region of Brittany.

Unfortunately, this fortunate man cannot claim his millions until the coronavirus quarantine is over.

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According to local French sources, on March 20 the operator in charge of lotteries in France, Françoise des Jeux, announced the prize number but the winner only appeared two weeks later.

Given his late reply and the closure of this establishment for the duration of the quarantine, the winner will have to wait until things go back to normal to claim his prize.

“This is an unusual situation, one that the Française des Jeux has never been in before, as it typically pays its prize winners very quickly,” said a spokesperson for the lottery establishment.


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