Malaga CF fans on the Costa-del-sol jubilant at the news that the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas , announces dates for the return of Spanish Football

Football Fans in Malaga on the Costa-del-sol are excited to hear the news that matches are to start soon

JAVIER TEBAS, president of La Liga, has announced that dates for the return of football have been set up for the last week of May or the first week of June.


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Javier Tebas:

“We are considering the idea of ​​playing again in Spain and in other European countries on May 29 or, alternatively, on June 6. For European competitions, we are talking about June 28. With these dates there is time to start again to train to respect the protocol of resumption of the activity that we have designed for La Liga and that we have sent for information to other leagues,” explains Tebas. “However, we will have to see what will happen this April.”

Malaga CF stadium, empty now but soon it will back to normal with thousands of supporters eager to cheer their team on.

In addition, he acknowledges that “all this will influence the schedule for next season” and admits that “at the moment there is no mention at all” to cancel the season. “It is a hypothesis that we do not want to contemplate.”

He also analysed the economic losses that canceling the league would amount to, approximately: “€1 billion!

“If we had to finish behind closed doors, the economic damage will be €350 million. Everyone loses money, so it seems normal to me that the salaries of the players also be reduced.

“In Spain we could not come to an agreement with the unions, at the moment, eight First and Second league clubs have applied for an ERTE. Spanish football does not intend to resort to state aid, we must be economically independent.”

The president of La Liga also ruled out changes in the formats of the competitions: “It is something that must be avoided. Nationally and internationally we have sold the broadcasting rights of our leagues to more than 100 television stations. We sold them in this format, with this number of teams and this number of parties so changing the structure would require rewriting hundreds of contracts.”






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