Will British Online Casino Players in Spain be Affected by the 2020 Credit Card Ban?

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THE UK recently brought in legislation to stop online and land-based casinos from accepting credit card payments from players.

The Spanish government has swiftly followed suit in the matter, meaning that players will have to look towards alternatives when crediting their online casino accounts. There are a great many British expats residing in Spain who may be wondering how this new legislation affects them.

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Expats in Spain Enjoy Online Blackjack

There is no doubt that a large portion of the 365,967 expats, as mentioned by www.metro.co.uk, residing in Spain will be affected by this recent revelation in the gambling industry.

Online blackjack is one of the most popular card games among this demographic, and British people living in Spain are still able to log on and play at UK sites. Indeed, at www.playblackjacklive.co.uk, for example, they can find a list of offers and recommendations such as helpful reviews that help them source out the best deals and titles for them, wherever they reside.

The credit card ban is designed with the best intentions, as it stops players from gambling with borrowed money. British residents in Spain who are having to deal with volatile exchange rates and uncertainty at the moment, the last thing they need is to find themselves owing too much money to credit card companies. This news could, indeed, be a good thing for those people. They will have to get used to using other ways to top up their online casino accounts, though.

Credit Card Ban Could Influence Other Payment Methods

Online casino players who have been logging on for years, and topping up their accounts using credit cards, may be wondering what other options they have for adding money.

Luckily, the industry has moved forward a great deal in recent years in terms of the number of payment systems accepted at online casinos. Every year it seems that more options are added as a way to appeal to as wide a player base as possible.

British players could instead opt to use their debit cards from their issuing bank but, if they feel that they need more security, there are other ways to add funds.

For example, as discussed on www.referralcandy.com, PayPal is becoming an increasingly popular payment system, and the trusted platform is well-known for being safe and processing refunds swiftly.

For expats who earn money in Spain and are worried about exchange rates fluctuating too much, they could even exchange their Euros for bitcoin and play at bitcoin casinos.

UK citizens who live in Spain need to be aware of the new gambling legislation. It will affect players in the UK, as well as those who log on to UK sites from other countries.

The fact that most online casinos now accept a wide range of different payment options means that this change shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most players.


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