Trump Saying that Hospital-Stricken Boris Johnson has “All Americans Praying for Him”

Trump in past prayer moment at the White House.

US President Donald Trump has said that all Americans are praying for UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, after he spent a night in hospital.

Johnson was admitted to the unnamed facility for routine tests after suffering from Covid-19 for 10 days.

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Trump was among a number of international political figures to pass on their best wishes.

At a media briefing, President Trump said: “I want to express our nation’s well wishes to Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he wages his own, personal fight with the virus.

“All Americans are praying for him; he’s a friend of mine and a great gentleman.

“I’m hopeful and sure that he’s going to be fine,” the president continued.

Johnson had been due to end his seven days’ self-isolation on Friday, but remained behind closed doors after continuing to feel unwell.


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