Thinking Outside the Box on the Costa del Sol Spain to keep Patients Dry

The Marbella access tunnel in situ at the hospital Credit: Marbella FC Twitter

IN order to cope with the huge increase of referrals to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella, the management has set up a new Outpatients Department for those who don’t have symptoms of coronavirus.

Those who need treatment still have to report to the Emergency Room where they will be assessed and if necessary sent to the new Outpatients Department which may mean that they have to wait in the open air until they can be seen.

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In order to give them shelter however in case it rains, the Marbella Football Club, with the physical assistance of the Marbella Fire Brigade and Civil Protection, has donated its access tunnel from the Municipal Stadium which was purchased in 2015 with the financial assistance of sponsors Lola’s Bar Fuengirola.

Time will tell whether this friendly gesture will stay upright if it becomes very windy and also whether there will be sufficient room inside to allow social distancing.


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