The Guardia Civil Report a Mayor in Spain’s La Parra For Giving Out Olive Branches and Breaking Quarantine Restrictions

PRIEST ADMONISHED: Polce said he was breaching lockdown rules, walking around blessing his parish.

THE first councillor, alongside another councillor, was distributing the olive branches on Sunday morning to neighbours to celebrate Palm Sunday.

A vehicle from the La Parra Town Hall, a town in Badajoz with around 1,350 residents, was stationed near the church square giving out olive branches. In front on the vehicle, La Parra’s mayor, Alejando Lagar Nieto, and another councillor, both from PP, were stood as the car speakers blasted out traditional Easter Holiday music.

A Guardia Civil patrol car doing their daily rounds around nearby municipalities drove through the La Parra town. When they saw this scene the patrol car stopped and the mayor proceeded to identify himself, however the police still continued to report the two politicians for disregarding the State of Alarm and quarantine imposed as a result of the Covid-19 virus.

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The mayor complained saying “Right now what I feel is anger. That there are no mayors who are in charge of their towns in the Government Delegation. I suppose the guards are only carrying out orders from the Delegation, but I do not understand.”

He argues that since it was “Domingo de Ramos” known as Palm Sunday in England, he had no choice but to distribute olive branches to neighbours, he explained, “not everyone has an olive tree nearby, not even in the patios of their house, and since it is Palm Sunday, we thought that a branch could be left at the thresholds of the houses in the windows without people needing to go out onto the street to pick it up.”


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