TC’s keeping Albox on Spain’s Costa Almeria well-fed under coronavirus lockdown


AS the health emergency restrictions come into the fourth week, understandably making sure there are sufficient supplies of food at home have taken on a whole new level of importance for many people, especially for the more vulnerable groups in society.

But there are hard-working local businesses out there who even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis are going the extra mile to keep the local community well fed.

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TC’s bar-cafe in Albox is providing five proper meals a day for just €20.

TC’s owner Cath Kinsela told the Euro Weekly News she was initially thinking about pensioners, but under current State of Alarm circumstances the initiative is really ideal for anyone living on their own or who needs a decent meal cooked for them.

Cath prepares quite a choice as well, going from chicken breast and pork or beef, to steak pies, all sorts of curries and a range of vegetables.

She also does home deliveries in the Albox area, or people can drive to TC’s and Cath will bring the meals out to the car, duly observing social distancing recommendations.

For Cath it is all about pitching in to help the community get through this unprecedented time, when so many are very worried.

She is bearing up she told EWN.

“You have to cope, because we don’t know what’s going to happen when the doors open up again,” she remarked in reference to her business.

On a more personal level on how she’s getting through it, Cath admitted, “I try not to think about it.

“You don’t know what to expect day-to-day and how this horrible situation will come out.”

Cath believes the most important thing right now is for everyone to “stay indoors and wait until it all calms down.”

But Cath is looking forward to the day when she can “open up and we can get on with our lives and have a bit of normality, and seeing everyone being able to breathe easy again.”


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