Seven Covid-19 patients leave ICU on Spain’s Costa del Sol for home or regular hospital ward

POSITIVE NEWS: Seven ICU patients in Costa del Sol leave for home or regular ward.

SEVEN Covid-19 ICU patients have been successfully taken off life support in Malaga’s Regional Hospital since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, with three now recuperating at home.

All seven were placed on mechanical ventilation, and are now breathing independantly, evidence of a good “evolution of the pulmonary condition caused by the virus”, say health professionals at the hospital.

Patients admitted to ICU with Covid-19 suffer from respiratory failure, so it is necessary to intubate them, which means placeing a flexible plastic tube into the windpipe to maintain an open airway.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, seven people admitted to the ICU of the Regional Hospital of Malaga have been discharged in recent days.

“After testing whether they can breathe only with the appropriate respirators, extubation is performed. If the patient tolerates it, it is a success”, director of the unit, Guillermo Quesada, told La Opinon de Malaga.

All these patients have been discharged from this ICU: five remain in hospital and three are already at home.

The average length of stay in ICU for Covid-19’s patients is about 20 days.

During the admission period, the ventilators provide life support until they are stabilised. Once they are taken off mechanical ventilation, they are discharged to the hospital ward, from where, after recovering from the pneumonia, they are discharged home.


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