Police in Spain’s Basque Country send priest home for breaching lockdown rules while walking around blessing his parish

PRIEST ADMONISHED: Polce said he was breaching lockdown rules, walking around blessing his parish.

A MAN of the cloth was reportedly asked to go home for ‘breaking the rules’ after police in Basque Country found him blessing residents on their balconies on Palm Sunday.

The priest from San Severino de Balmaseda church in Bizkaia offered to bless parish members from their own terraces and windows, posting his intentions on social media.

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But according to Spanish press, the priest’s mission was cut short yesterday when he was stopped by the Basque National Police, Ertzaintza.

The Diocese of Bilbao said the priest had consulted with the council and the Ertzaintza beforehand, and promised to continue marking Semana Santa through social media.



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