Happy Easter Essential Workers as AP7 in Costa del Sol Spain Increases Prices on Toll Road

The AP7 running along Costa del Sol Credit: YouTube

EVERY year the company that manages the AP-7 toll road increases prices at Christmas, Easter and summer knowing that Marbella in particular is a magnet for second homers from Madrid who want to get to the coast.

Whilst some would argue that this is iniquitous as the tolls have been a very significant earner for the company, the latest decision to introduce the Easter increases seems to beggar belief in this time of crisis.

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There are very few people travelling because of the lockdown caused by the State of Alarm but those who need to drive for their work are being force dto pay the higher charges despite the fact that the flood of visitors isn’t going to happen as Easter pricing comes into effect.

If you live in Marbella and work in Malaga as many do, the price of using the toll road for an ordinary car has increased from €8.25 to €12.90 one way and if you travel from Marbella in the opposite direction to Manilva it’s risen from €5.25 to €8.55.

When one then looks at companies that are delivering vital supplies across the Costa del Sol, their Malaga to Marbella toll has risen to €13.75 and €9.05 to Manilva and larger vehicles cost even more, although they are deemed necessary by the government to undertake necessary activities.

Mayors across the Costa del Sol are complaining about this and many of those workers who need to travel and aren’t in police or army vehicles are simply saving money by using the N340.


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