Boozing motorist caught out driving over the limit and breaking lockdown rules in Spain’s Sevilla

STEPPED UP: The Guardia Civil have intensified night-time road controls for Easter week. CREDIT: Guardia Civil

A MAN who went boozing at a mate’s house in Sevilla despite the lockdown restrictions got caught out when a Guardia Civil patrol nicked him for drunk driving.

Guardia pulled over the driver in the early hours of Saturday morning. He did his best to convince the officers he had left his house to buy a gas bottle, even though it was so late at night.

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Sure enough, there was a gas bottle on the back seat of the car.

But unconvinced his story rang true, the Guardia got him to do a breath test, showing the motorist was over the limit. At this point he admitted he had in fact been round to a friend’s for a few beers.

The Guardia Civil have stepped up night-time highway controls for Easter week to prevent people from trying to move around in the dead of night under the belief there will be less law enforcement out and about.


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