Under arrest for putting up teenage runaway in Spain’s Mallorca

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A 21-YEAR-OLD who let his teenage runaway girlfriend stay with him in Palma is under arrest.

Police found out the 17-year-old was dossing at her boyfriend’s after following up on calls that the 21-year-old was drinking alcohol with another teenager in a park in the Cas Capiscol district of the city last week in clear violation of the lockdown restrictions.

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Both young men refused to go home, prompting the officers to sanction both.

When officers went with the pair to check the address they’d given was the right one they discovered the adolescent girl was also living there.

She had disappeared from home on February 20.

The 21-year-old faces charges of inciting a minor to leave home, as well as for serious disobedience having already been sanctioned a number of times for violating the State of Alarm restrictions.

The police also ended up arresting the teenage drinking buddy after they tried to get him back to where he lives with his guardians. He refused to go, and even tried to escape. He too was charged with serious disobedience.


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